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Too many aquatic plants in the lake?

For several years, scientists and swimmers have observed a great increase in the number of aquatic plants in the Müggelsee. Whoever looks closely, also sees that the lake is currently very clear.
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Night sky often brighter than expected

Earlier studies focused mainly on the night sky directly over our heads. Using a simple measurement method, researchers can now demonstrate the distribution of light pollution over the entire sky.
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Freshwater Life: Document, Understand, Protect

People around the globe who work or have an interest in the research and protection of freshwater biodiversity are invited to contribute their experience and know-how. To the online survey >

Climate Change: Algae like it!

Global climate change affects all ecosystems, including lakes – and is therefore the focus of long-term research conducted by Rita Adrian. In an interview, she explains how climatic changes have already had an impact on lakes and what we can expect in the future.  
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Researchers for LakeLab experiment 2018 wanted!

The EU financed project AQUACOSM will offer more than 11,500 person-days of Transnational Access to more than 37 different European mesocosm facilities between January 2018 and December 2020.

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