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Five urgent water issues for policymakers

In the run-up to the Bundestag election in 2017, the IGB has identified five urgent water related issues and published them in a policy letter. In the next legislature, there is an urgent need for discussion and action for the new federal government.
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The Best of the Best in 2016

An IGB review article was selected as one of the four best ones published in the reknown journal Environmental Science and Technology (ES&T)  in 2016.
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Turbid prospects for pristine lakes

In two studies, IGB scientists present new insights about the effects of summer storms on the ecosystem processes of pristine lakes.  
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Lights off for the Earth Hour

Around the globe, millions of people are turning their lights off for one hour as a common symbol for environmental protection. The "Loss of the Night" network has composed ideas how to spend one hour without lights.
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Biological diversity meets diversity of information

A new comprehensive collection of online Atlases offers a wide variety of information on freshwater ecosystems and their biological diversity on global, continental and regional scale.

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