Alliance "Joining forces for water-sensitive urban development"

Bringing urban, landscape and water planning together

Shoreline engineering Niederfeldsee, Essen | © DWA, Brigitte Krämer

Water is essential for resilient, attractive and sustainable cities - for today's and, more importantly, for future generations. However, extreme events such as heavy rainfall, flooding, drought and heat are becoming more frequent as a result of climate change. In many places, the water balance is being severely altered by sealed surfaces and rapid surface run-off. As a result, risks and hazards such as flooding, reduced groundwater recharge, degraded vegetation, overheating and fire hazards are increasing, with potential impacts on health, the economy, nature and landscape, as well as the urban and residential environment.

Current approaches to urban development should therefore not simply be continued. Water-sensitive urban development requires the combined efforts of water management, urban planning, green space development, road planning and many others. In order to tackle this goal and implement it as quickly as possible, the alliance has been formed. Initiated by the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA), it unites associations, scientific institutions and different urban and landscape planning organisations. They advocate the adaptation of legal frameworks, the consideration of water in urban planning processes, the promotion of nature-based solutions, the implementation of integrated funding and financing options, and the empowerment of local stakeholders.

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