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"Research for the Future of our Freshwaters" is IGB’s mission. For this reason, the provision of objective information and consulting to societal players from policy, authorities, associations, the economy, education, civil society and the interested public is an equally important central task undertaken by IGB as the joint development of new research questions. We collaborate in dialogue-oriented and participatory projects that include specialised interest groups or citizen scientists from the very beginning (citizen science); we promote exchange in the context of public events, we offer our own series of workshops and dialogue talks, and publish an IGB publication series to help transfer our research results to societal and political processes. In order to foster this exchange, we have developed an institute-wide Science-Society-Interface (SSI) strategy that is now being gradually implemented. Industrial cooperation activities also ensure that current research knowledge and technologies are transferred to practice.

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Kharaa Yeröö River Basin Atlas

The Atlas is written in Mongolian and English language, as a joint activity of IGB and its Mongolian partner IGG. The science based fundamentals of monitoring and research results of MoMo are documented and continuously updated as maps and texts for discussions with stakeholders and decision makers.

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