European Sturgeon Research Network


Sturgeons are among the most endangered species of fish worldwide. In a bid to reverse the dramatic decline in stocks, scientists have joined forces to form a Europe-wide network. The European Sturgeon Research Network pools the expertise and resources of seven partner institutions. In collaboration, they work on the foundations for developing and conserving stable sturgeon stocks. The network embraces higher education institutions and research facilities and groups that address aspects concerning the biology and ecology of sturgeons, the management of freshwaters or aquaculture. The network was initiated in 2014 by the World Sturgeon Conservation Society (WSCS) and IGB, which has been performing pioneering work in reintroduction programmes for two subspecies of the Atlantic sturgeon for around 20 years.

Contact person

Jörn Gessner

Research Group Leader
Research group
Reintroduction of the European Sturgeon to Germany

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