Leibniz Research Alliance Food and Nutrition

Insect meal from the protein-rich larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) serves as a basis for alternative fish feed . | Photo: Pixabay

The Leibniz Research Alliance "Sustainable Food Production and Healthy Nutrition" – "Food & Nutrition" in short – bundles the competences of 13 Leibniz research institutes from several disciplines in the field of food production and healthy nutrition. It serves as a partnership structure and aims to stimulate and strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation, and to generate innovative research synergies.

The Research Alliance Food & Nutrition considers itself an interdisciplinary research structure facing two societal challenges: the sustainable production of food and the promotion of healthy nutrition. By employing a transfer-oriented scientific approach the Research Alliance places an emphasis on the various interlinkages between these two issues. All Alliance partners have internationally renowned expertise in their respective disciplines and encourage interdisciplinary cooperation to accelerate research progress in the field. The joint development of scientific foundations and highly relevant knowledge in the spectrum of this interdisciplinary issue represents the main objective of the Alliance partners. Further goals are the promotion of enhanced networking between the partner institutes of the Research Alliance, the development and support of mutual research activities, and an effective knowledge transfer aimed at researchers, policy, the general public, and the media.

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Werner Kloas

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Aquaponics and ecophysiology

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