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IGB receives HR Excellence in Research Award again

The “HR Excellence in Research Award” has been conferred on us by the European Commission once again in recognition of our HR development strategy. The institute is assessed according to the EU’s HRS4R standard every three years: Have we made progress in improving the working and research environment for our staff as planned? And are the further steps we have resolved to take over the next three years targeted and ambitious enough?

The “Human Resources Strategy for Researchers” (HRS4R) assists research institutions in implementing the “European Charter for Researchers” and the “Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers”. The “HR Excellence in Research Award” is conferred for successful implementation of the proposed actions. | Logo: European Commission

After a detailed examination of the documents, reviewers from the European Commission met (virtually) with IGB’s HRS4R working group, the institute management as well as various department heads, research group leaders, postdocs and doctoral students in May 2021 to get a first-hand impression of HR development at IGB.

During the interviews, we were praised for our open approach to our strengths and weaknesses – and were generally able to convince the reviewers of our enviable working atmosphere. Special emphasis was placed on the fact that IGB meets its social and ecological responsibilities; is actively involved in a process of exchange with society; offers a bilingual working environment; and has successfully digitalised the recruitment process and made it transparent.

In our Action Plan 2017–2020, we addressed the weaknesses identified and continued to build on our strengths. The reviewers also assessed our Actions for 2021–2023 as expedient and ambitious. Over the next three years, we aim to further improve equal opportunities, e.g. by taking greater account of diversity and inclusion during recruitment and career development. We have also resolved to optimise our onboarding processes; facilitate hybrid working forms; intensify communication within the institute; and offer our early career researchers targeted career guidance.

We are delighted with the excellent results report, but also – and perhaps even more so – with the recommendations of the reviewers, who shared with us their experiences from numerous other European research institutions.

In the interview with Kirsten Pohlmann, our Career Development Coordinator, you can find out in detail why IGB opted to pursue the process behind the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R).

IGB explicitly thanks the committed reviewers and all its staff for supporting the HR development at IGB.

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HR Policy of IGB

With our HR Policy we strive to provide optimal working conditions for our excellent scientists and non-scientific staff at any career level.

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