Anderson Abel de Souza Machado


Abel Machado is an environmental scientist that concluded the Ph.D. in River Science (2013 - 2016) in the very competitive international SMART program funded by European Union (EACEA) under co-tutelage of Freie Universität Berlin (Germany), Queen Mary, University of London (UK), and University of Trento (Italy). During the doctoral studies Abel investigated multidisciplinary topics within pollution science, especially on the evaluation of fate and effects of pollutants in aquatic organisms. In fact, this has been already the focus of Abel's bachelor degree in Oceanology (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande- FURG, Brazil), which was obtained one year in advance of the regular time. During his masters treating on coastal pollution biomarkers in 2010, Abel was awarded an additional IRDC-Canada grant to collaborate with Prof. Chris M. Wood (McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada) and the Aquatic contaminants division- Environment Canada (Burlington, Canada) with biomonitoring of the Grand River on the Great Lakes basin. Experiments in coastal and mining areas on the effects of water contamination on organisms for the INCT-Aquatic Toxicology sponsored by Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology were also coordinated by him in 2012. After the conclusion of the Ph.D. Abel was granted a postdoctoral fellowship for an independently funded project (DFG-DRS Berlin) to work in collaboration with IGB on the aquatic pollution by microplastics. 


Ph.D. River Science: joint degree corresponding to double qualification of Dr. Rer Nat by Freie Universität Berlin and Ph.D. in Physical Geography by Queen Mary, University of London. (December 2016)

MSc Biological Oceanography. Universidade Federal do Rio Grande. Focusing the use of biological and chemical environmental monitoring of salt and fresh water. (July 2012)

Bachelor Oceanology. Universidade Federal do Rio Grande. Focusing on the effect of metals on the growth of micro-crustaceans in salt water. (December 2009).






Anderson Abel de Souza Machado; Kate Spencer; Werner Kloas; Marco Toffolon; Christiane Zarfl

Metal fate and effects in estuaries

Science of the Total Environment. - 541(2015), S. 268-281


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