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Noam Levin; Christopher C. M. Kyba; Qingling Zhang; Alejandro Sanchez de Miguel; Miguel O. Román; Xi Li; Boris A. Portnov; Andrew L. Molthan; Andreas Jechow; Steven D. Miller; Zhuosen Wang; Ranjay M. Shrestha; Christopher D. Elvidge

Remote sensing of night lights: a review and an outlook for the future

Remote Sensing of Environment. - 237(2020), 111443


Jeremy Auerbach; Erika L. Barthelmess; Darlene Cavalier; Caren B. Cooper; Heather Fenyk; Mordechai Haklay; Joseph M. Hulbert; Christopher C. M. Kyba; Lincoln R. Larson; Eva Lewandowski; Lea Shanley

The problem with delineating narrow criteria for citizen science

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. - 116(2019)31, S. 15336-15337


Sibylle Schroer; Christopher C. M. Kyba; Roy van Grunsven; Irene Celino; Oscar Corcho; Franz Hölker

Citizen science to monitor light pollution - a useful tool for studying human impacts on the environment

Citizen science : innovation in open science, society and policy / ed. by Susanne Hecker ... - London : UCL Press, 2018. - ch. 24, S. 353-365

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