Liu Liu

+49 (0)33082 69970

Alte Fischerhütte 2
OT Neuglobsow
16775 Stechlin


Since 01.2019        Postdoc at IGB Stechlin

03.2015 - 12.2018  PhD candidate, University of Koblenz-Landau

09.2009 - 07.2012  MSc, China Three Gorges University

09.2005 - 07.2009  BSc, China Three Gorges University



AquaMeth II

Project title: Revising the methane cylcing in lakes: sources and sinks in two German lakes with specific consideration of methane accumulation in oxic waters

Project description: Methane from freshwaters has been previously considered of sediment origin, i.e., through methanogenesis under anoxic environments. In stratified lakes, however, the epilimnion has been often found oversaturated with methane, which was termed "methane paradox". The mechanisms for this paradox are, to date, still unclear. Both lateral transport and in situ production have been found relevant. This project aims to make a complete methane budget for two contrasting lakes (meso oligotrophic Lake Stechlin and eutrophic Lake Willersinnweiher) to better understand the underlying processes responisble for this methane paradox. Another set of lakes (> 10) near Lake Stechlin will also be studied to generalize our findings in the two main studied lakes.


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Full publication list

Long L.H., D.B. Ji; Z.Y. Yang, H.Q. Cheng, Z.J. Yang, D.F. Liu, L. Liu and A. Lorke (2020). Tributary oscillations generated by diurnal discharge regulation in Three Gorges Reservoir. Environ. Res. Lett.,

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