Susanne Stephan

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Alte Fischerhütte 2, OT Neuglobsow, 16775 Stechlin


I started to work with planktonic organisms as a Bachelor student in 2012. During my Bachelor thesis, I investigated the diurnal vertical migration patterns of Daphnia and food quality (fatty acids) effects in lake Schöhsee, North Germany (University of Hamburg, supervised by PD Dr. Dörthe Müller-Navarra).

For my Master thesis, I took part in a large mesocosm experiment at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW, Department of Aquatic Ecology) in 2014. I investigated how zooplankton species react towards an increase of water temperature of 4°C as predicted by future climate change scenarios. We followed the development of zooplankton community composition and stoichiometry changes for over five months (supervised at NIOO-KNAW by Dr. Lisette De Senerpont Domis).

Since May 2015, I am a doctoral student at IGB based lake Stechlin. In my thesis, I focus on phytoplankton and especially freshwater algae. My aim is to investigate how different stressors such as eutrophication, brownification and particularly light pollution might affect planktonic algae and cyanobacteria. I work with large-scale enclosures (see: as well as with small-scale microcosms (batch cultures) to explore how planktonic primary producers are affected by different stressors as these can act independently as well as in combination. My focus is on the potential effects of the before mentioned stressors on growth rates, photosynthetic efficiency and other physiological parameters of phytoplankton.

My research is based in the projects “MARS – Managing Aquatic ecosystems and water Resources under multiple Stress” and “ILES – Illuminating lake ecosystems” at IGB Neuglobsow (supervised by Dr. Stella A. Berger and Prof. Dr. Mark O. Gessner).



Ralf C. H. Aben; Nathan Barros; Ellen van Donk; Thijs Frenken; Sabine Hilt; Garabet Kazanjian; Leon P. M. Lamers; Edwin T. H. M. Peeters; Jan G. M. Roelofs; Lisette N. Senerpont Domis; Susanne Stephan; Mandy Velthuis; Dedmer B. Van de Waal; Martin Wik; Brett F. Thornton; Jeremy Wilkinson; Tonya DelSontro; Sarian Kosten

Cross continental increase in methane ebullition under climate change

Nature Communications. - 8(2017)art. 1682

Earlier publications

T. Frenken, M. Velthuis, L. N. de Senerpont Domis, S. Stephan, R. Aben, S. Kosten, E. Van Donk and D.B. Van de Waal (2016): Warming accelerates termination of a phytoplankton spring bloom by fungal parasites. Global Change Biology, 22(1), 299-309. doi: 10.1111/gcb.13095

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