Ulrike Scharfenberger

+49 (0)30 64181 902

Müggelseedamm 310, 12587 Berlin


My main interest focus in the understanding of system ecological processes of lakes and how they are influenced by global change. My studies are based on long term field as well as experimental data but maintain a close link between data driven analysis and ecological theory as well as results from ecosystem models. An integrative use of these three tools is in my understanding most beneficial to successfully develop our mechanistic understanding of ecosystem processes further. Such an understanding is not only of fundamental interest but also enables us to better predict the effects of multiple changing ecosystem drivers on ecosystem processes.

My methodological approaches comprise statistical modelling, time series analysis, mathematical optimization, mesocosm experiments

Specific expertise:

  • Climate change and eutrophication
  • Threshold-driven changes in lake ecosystems
  • Abrupt changes in zooplankton community composition with specific consideration of external and internal drivers
  • Effects and interacting effects of nutrients, temperature and water level changes on metabolism and the metabolic balance of lakes
  • Difficulties in the application of the 24 h oxygen curve method to estimate metabolic rates in small wind sheltered lakes dominated by horizontal convective mixing
  • Influence of stratification on lake metabolism and metabolic balance
  • Capability of early warning signals to predict impeding regime shifts based on empirical long term data

2019 - Postdoc position in the working group Light Pollution and Ecophysiology in the department for Ecohydrology at IGB

2016 – 2018 Postdoc position in the working group Long-term and Climate Impact Research of Lake Ecosystems in the department for Ecosystem Research at IGB

2010 - 2016 PhD-student at IGB

2000 - 2009 Study of computer science with additional qualification for bioinformatics at the Wilhelm-Schickard Institute for Computer Science at Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen

  • 2003 - 2005 Student research assistant in the department of Computer Engineering at Tübingen University

  • 2006 - 2007 Student research assistant in the “Neuroinformatics Research Group” at the Institute for “Information and Computer Science” at Helsinki University of Technology

  • Graduation: Diploma in Computer Science (Bioinformatics)

  • Title of diploma thesis: “Concepts for building a functional brain map - Towards a neuroscientific retrieval and mining tool for fMRI research studies”



Darren P. Giling; Peter A. Staehr; Hans Peter Grossart; Mikkel Rene Andersen; Bertram Boehrer; Carmelo Escot; Fatih Evrendilek; Lluis Gomez-Gener; Mark Honti; Ian D. Jones; Nusret Karakaya; Alo Laas; Enrique Moreno-Ostos : Karsten Rinke; Ulrike Scharfenberger; Silke R. Schmidt; Michael Weber; R. Iestyn Woolway; Jacob A. Zwart; Biel Obrador

Delving deeper: metabolic processes in the metalimnion of stratified lakes

Limnology and Oceanography. - 62(2017)3, S. 1288-1306

Ülkü Nihan Tavsanoglu; Michal Sorf; Konstantinos Stefanidis; Sandra Brucet; Semra Türkan; Helen Agasild; Didier L. Baho; Ulrike Scharfenberger; Josef Hejzlar; Eva Papastergiadou; Rita Adrian; David G. Angeler; Priit Zingel; Ayse Idil Cakiroglu; Arda Özen; Stina Drakare; Martin Sondergaard; Erik Jeppesen; Meryem Beklioglu

Effects of nutrient and water level changes on the composition ans size structure of zooplankton communities in shallow lakes under different climatic conditions: a pan-European mesocosm experiment

Aquatic Ecology. - 51(2017)2, S. 257-273




Frank Landkildehus; Martin Søndergaard; Meryem Beklioglu; Rita Adrian; David G. Angeler; Josef Hejzlar; Eva Papastergiadou; Priit Zingel; Ayşe Idil Çakiroǧlu; Ulrike Scharfenberger; Stina Drakare; Tiina Nõges; Michal Šorf; Konstantinos Stefanidis; Ü. Nihan Tavşanoǧlu; Cristina Trigal; Aldoushy Mahdy; Christina Papadaki; Lea Tuvikene; Søren E. Larsen; Martin Kernan; Erik Jeppesen

Climate change effects on shallow lakes

Estonian Journal of Ecology. - 63(2014)2, S. 71-89


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