Equal Opportunities

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IGB has undertaken to implement the legally defined achievement of gender equality in accordance with the Recommendations to Promote Gender Equality at Leibniz Association institutes, the guidelines issued by the Equal Opportunities Working Group of the Leibniz Association, and the Agreement to Promote Equal Opportunities (AVGlei) between the Forschungsverbund and the Federal State of Berlin. In the context of an equal opportunities plan, we have defined the following objectives, based on the German Research Foundation’s Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality.

Reconciliation of career interests and family life

In a bid to reconcile work and childcare in particular, we have established a parent-child room equipped with a computer that is connected to the institute’s network, as well as facilities where a child is able to sleep and play. Colloquia start as early as at 14:00, enabling employees with relatives in need of support or long-term care to attend them on a regular basis. A flexitime system allows for flexible working hours. In addition, employees can apply for core hours to be shifted on an individual basis for family reasons. An internal agreement on homework enables members of staff to provide short-term care to family members in emergencies. Both male and female employees at IGB make use of the possibility of taking parental leave.

Career advancement

In a bid to increase the proportion of women in academic and leadership positions, which is still too low, we are stepping up our endeavours to find suitable women candidates to fill vacancies at IGB. We have drawn up Guidelines for Vacancy Notices and Personnel Selection, which ensure transparent, professional procedures and provide for concrete measures to raise the proportion of women in academic and leadership positions. The Leibniz Mentoring Programme provides maximum support to our highly qualified women postdoc researchers on the path to gaining leadership positions or professorships. This programme helps women researchers to shape their careers in a targeted manner, and to establish specialist networks and take on managerial tasks with self-confidence.

In collaboration with the other institutes within the Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V., advanced training courses are held regularly for female PhD students. In addition, women scholars at the institute are actively promoted during and after the successful completion of the PhD stage. This IGB funding scheme finances the return of men and women in temporary employment relationships following parental leave; it also enables our young researchers to pursue guest stays and employ student assistants, as well as giving them the time to write project proposals.

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