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A network for invasion biology

The book and the website present a new approach to synthesise heterogeneous data and information – here  applied to major hypotheses in the field of invasion biology.
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Factors of success in river restoration

What are the crucial aspects for river restoration? At the end of April, IGB scientists and representatives of the Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) met on an excursion on the river Havel.
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When Lakes Start to Sweat

Rising temperatures are a threat to the balance of lakes. In a new IGB Dossier, researchers provide a summary of the changes that lakes are already undergoing and of the scenarios that are likely to occur.  
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Eskimo Roll in the Lecture Hall

What do freshwater researchers do in their free time? Water sports, what else! IGB scientist Sukhodolov is giving whitewater paddling classes.
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No sex for all-female fish species

They reproduce through gynogenesis. Their offspring are clones of the mother. According to established theories, the Amazon molly should have become extinct a long time ago. Well, why didn’t it?
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Distantly related

Researchers have just published an extensive phylogenetic tree for the Eurasian green toads. This phylogenetic tree shows that polyploid species are hybrids and only descend from parental species with a very high degree of genetic divergence.

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