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Freshwaters are used in many ways: as a drinking water supply, for industrial transportation and for recreation. All these functions, also referred to as ecosystem services, can only be ensured if rivers and lakes are in a good ecological state. Since its introduction in 2002, the Water Framework Directive has called for just that. And yet water is a scarce resource in many regions of the world. The growing pressure caused by mining, industry, hydroelectric power production and agriculture affects water quality and the passage of freshwaters. At IGB, we develop concepts for the future-oriented management of freshwater resources for the welfare of humans and nature. We investigate how anthropogenic influences affect freshwaters, and how lakes, flowing waters and wetlands can be used sustainably and revitalised efficiently.

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Being prepared for epidemical outbreaks

IGB scientists are now part of the “rapid deployment expert group to combat health threats”, which shall enable a faster international response to outbreaks of infectious diseases.
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Dead wood – living diversity

The team of the IGB project Baggersee is currently working on various quarry ponds in Lower Saxony: the researchers are particularly attracted by dead wood.

Related Projects


Woody riparian buffer strips along rivers have widely been used mainly to reduce nutrient and fine sediment input from agricultural areas but potentially offer many more ecosystem services (e.g. habitat provision increasing biodiversity, shading and temperature regulation, mitigating climate change effects).
Contact person
Markus Venohr
(Dept. 1) Ecohydrology


The DASTMAP project develops and applies new genetic markers to characterize four in the Danube River endangered sturgeon species as a prerequisite for sustainable fisheries and conservation management.
Contact person
Klaus Kohlmann
(Dept. 4) Biology and Ecology of Fishes
(Dept. 5) Ecophysiology and Aquaculture

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