Tockner, Klement, Prof., Dr.


Curriculum Vitae
2007 Professor for Aquatic Ecology at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
2005 Titulary Professor at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
1993 Ph.D. at University of Vienna, Austria
Career/employment history
2007- present Director of the Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) in Berlin
2007- present Professor for Aquatic Ecology at the Freie Universität of Berlin
2005-present Titulary Professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
2004/2005 Guest Scientist at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, NY, USA
(11 months)
2002 Guest Scientist at the Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan (2 months)
1999-2007 Group leader at EAWAG, Dübendorf, Switzerland
1996-1999 Assistant professor (‘Oberassistent’) at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
1994-1996 Postdoctoral fellow at University of Vienna, Austria
1993-1994 Freshwater consultant in Rwanda and Uganda, Africa
PDF Curriculum Vitae (Tockner_CV_January_2014.pdf)

Main fields: Ecohydrology, Freshwater biology, biodiversity, ecosystem ecology

Other fields: Ecosystem management and restoration, landscape ecology

Current interest: Ecology-hydrology linkages, human-ecosystem interactions, freshwater biodiversity, novel ecosystems, temporary river ecology
Running and recently finished research projects

2011-2018 SMART – Science for the Management of Rivers and Tidal Systems. Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Programme. PIs: Guido Zolezzio, Angela M. Gurnell, Matthias Rillig, Christiane Zarfl, Klement Tockner

2011-2015 REFORM – Restoring rivers for effective catchment Management. EU-FP 7 Project. PI: Tom Buijse (IGB: Christian Wolter, Klement Tockner)

2010-2014 Loss of the Night PIs: Franz Hölker, Klement Tockner. Funding: BMBF.

2010-2014 EU-7 project Refresh - Adaptive strategies to mitigate the impacts of climate change on European freshwater ecosystems. PIs: Klement Tockner, Rita Adrian. Funding: EU.

2010-2013 Domesticated ecosystems – novel communities: Future management of large rivers. PIs: Christian Wolter, Klement Tockner. Funding: BMBF.

2010-2011 The Future of Alpine Rivers PI: Klement Tockner (jointly with BOKU, Vienna). Funding: MAVA-Foundation.

2009-2013 Interactions of flexible aquatic vegetation with turbulent flows in rivers. PIs: Alexander Sukhodolov, Klement Tockner. Funding: DFG.

2009-2014 EU-7 project Biofresh - Biodiversity of freshwater ecosystems:
Status, trends, pressures, and conservation priorities. PI: Klement Tockner (jointly with J. Freyhof). Funding: EU.

2008-2011 EU-7 project Mirage - Mediterranean intermittent river management. PIs: Klement Tockner, Jörg Gelbrecht. Funding: EU.

2007-2010 Effect of environmental heterogeneity and hydrological connectivity on biogeochemical transformations of nutrients and organic matter (OM). PIs: Edith Kaiser, Klement Tockner, Bernhard Wehrli, Stuart Findlay. Funding: ETH domain (Competence Center for Environmental Sustainability).

2007-2009 A Stream Ecosystem Metabolism Model. PIs: Vicenc Acuna, Urs Uehlinger, Peter Reichert, Klement Tockner. Funding: EU Marie-Curie Mobility Program.

Since 2006 Rivers of Europe. PIs: Klement Tockner, Urs Uehlinger, Chris Robinson, Fabian Peter, Diego Tonolla, Rosi Siber. Funding: Eawag and IGB.

2006-2009 From Waste to Value – Using Black Soldier Flies as key “ecological engineers” in low- and middle-income countries. PIs: Chris Zurbrügg, Klement Tockner. Funding: Velux-Foundation.

2006-2008 Sound of Rivers. PIs: Klement Tockner, Kurt Heutschi, Berit Junker, Diego Tonolla. Funding: Mava-Foundation.

2004-2008 Habitat requirements of amphibians in dynamic ecosystems. PIs: Lukas Indermaur, Klement Tockner, Beat Naef, Benedikt Schmidt. Funding: Mava-Foundation.

Honours/ awards/ grants/ fellowships

Elected member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (elected in 2012)


Fenner Lecture (UNC, Capel Hill; March 2013)


Margalef Lecture at Iberian Limnological Society Conference (Guimares, Portugal; July 2012)


Liepolt-Prize for Danube Research


Most cited freshwater ecologist in D,CH,A (1998-2002)


Prizes for highly cited papers (e.g. Wiley-Publisher Prize)


ISI selection of emerging research fields and ISI highly cited paper


Fellowship: Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (2002)


Various PhD awards: S. Langhans, M. Doering, L. Perkin, D. Tonolla and A. Paetzold: Peterson Fund Award (4x), NABS award for best student presentation (1x), Silver Medal of ETH for best PhD thesis (1x), best poster presentation at ISRS-conference, best doctoral thesis awarded by the Federation of European Freshwater Scientists

Other professional activities



Speaker of the Leibniz Biodiversity Network (LVB: a network of 22 research institutes; since 2009)

Speaker of the Section “Environmental Sciences” (Sektion E: Umweltwissenschaften; 2011-2013)

Member of the Executive Committee of the Leibniz Association (Präsidium; 2011-2013)


Forschungsverbund Berlin

Speaker (network of 8 research Institutes of the Leibniz Association; 2011-2013)

Editorial Activities

Aquatic Sciences: Research across Boundaries: Editor-in-Chief (since 2006)

Ecosystems: Subject Editor (since 2005)

River Systems: Member Editorial Board (since 2004)

Co-Editor of three Special Issues (Aquatic Sciences, Freshwater Biology, Rivers Research and Application)

Scientific Advisory Board

BfG – Federal Institute of Hydrology, Bonn (since 2011)

HYDRONET – NSERC Excellence Network, Canada (since 2011)

ICRA – Catalan Water Research Institute, Girona (since 2009)

Water Cluster Lunz, Austria (since 2013)

HCMR – Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters, Athens (since 2014)

Scientific Organizations

BeGenDiv (Berlin Center for Genomics in Biodiversity Research): Co-Speaker
(since 2011)

GEO BON: Member of the Freshwater Biodiversity group (since 2010)

BIOFRESH: Coordinator of FP7-EU Project (since 2009)

DIVERSITAS: Member of DIVERSITAS freshwaterBIODIVERSITY (2009-2013)

ISRS: International Society for River Science: Member of the Board of Directors (2009-2013)

Contributing author to the IPCC Report 2014 (AR5, Working Group III, Chapter 4)

Main Reviewer of the Global Environmental Outlook Report 5 of UNEP (Chapter Biodiversity)

German Research Foundation (DFG)

Water Research (Fachkollegium 318): Member of Research Panel (since 2012)

KoWa (Commission for Water Research): Permanent Guest (since 2009)

Scientific Committee Conferences/Jury

Scientific committee member of 2-4 conferences per year at all continents

Member of the Jury of the European Rivers Prize (2013)

Member of the Jury of the Katerva Prize (since 2012)

Member of the Steering Committee of the Water Science Alliance, Germany (since 2013)

External member of doctoral theses in UK (2X), Netherlands (1X), USA (1X), France (1X), Australia (4X), Austria (1X), Switzerland (1X)

Evaluation of numerous professorship applications in Switzerland, USA, Germany, Canada, Denmark, UK, Japan

Evaluation committee member of various research institutions in Germany, Czech Republic and Austria


Membership in professional societies

American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS)


Ecological Society of America (ESA)


North American Benthological Society (NABS), now Society of Freshwater Science (SFS)


International Limnological Society (SIL)


American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO)


German Limnological Society (DGL

Outreach activities: Media coverage (selection: 2011-2013)


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Mark Lorang and Klement Tockner in News of the University of Montana, Missoula. Study of soundscapes offers new approach to river science


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