23. März 2017 | Kolloquium

Dr. Martin Bombač

Institute for Hydraulic Research, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
23. Mär
23. März 2017, 14:00 Uhr

Dr. Martin Bombač

IGB-Hörsaal, Müggelseedamm 310, 12587 Berlin

Flow characteristics in vertical slot fishways – hydraulic modeling and optimization

Flow characteristics in the fishway define weather the fish will be able to migrate over it or not. Effective fishways greatly improve natural wildlife corridors and biodiversity in the river. The subject of this presentation is the vertical slot fishway type (VSF) which proved to be very effective for fish migration in many cases. Flow characteristics in VSF are functions of many geometrical parameters, which need to be carefully designed. On the case study of fishway in Slovenia measurements of hydraulic characteristics which served as validation for a 2D numerical model were preformed. The theoretical (analytical) hydraulic calculations of maximum velocities deviate from the actually measured for 50%, reflecting the importance of the hydraulic modeling during the design of VSF. Validated numerical model was later used for the optimization of the hydraulic parameters of the further fishways.


Host: Alexander Suhkodolow

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