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November 2020
Mark C. Urban; Sharon Y. Strauss; Fanie Pelletier; Eric P. Palkovacs; Mathew A. Leibold; Andrew P. Hendry; Luc De Meester; Stephanie M. Carlson; Amy L. Angert and Sean T. Giery

Evolutionary origins for ecological patterns in space

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. - 116(2019)31, S. 15336-15337
November 2020
Autoren: Dipl. oec. Michael Bender; Dr. Wendelin Wichtmann; Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Schäfer

Paludikultur - Wiedervernässung und Bewirtschaftung von degradierten Mooren

Gewässer-Info, 78(2020)3, S. 1134-1137
November 2020
Jon Helge Vølstad; Mary Christman; Keno Ferter; Alf Ring Kleiven; Håkon Otterå; Øystein Aas; Robert Arlinghaus; Trude Borch; Jonathan Colman; Bruce Hartill; Thrond O. Haugen; Kieran Hyder; Jeremy M. Lyle; Martin Junker Ohldieck; Christian Skov; Harry V. Strehlow; Dave van Voorhees; Marc Simon Weltersbach; and Edward D. Weber

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