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Journal display at the Library in Berlin Friedrichshagen. | Foto: IGB

About the Library

As a specialised scientific library we offer academic research services primarily for the scientists working at the IGB. We are happy to provide support on the following topics, among others:

  • literature search and management
  • open access and scientific publishing
  • training and introductions to library topics and scientific publishing

All our holdings can be found online in our catalogue. The Library has two locations: the main Library is located in Berlin Friedrichshagen and a smaller satellite library is in Neuglobsow. We organize the loan of media from both locations. Books and other Library items are non-circulating, and all members of the IGB have access 24/7. External users wishing to visit the Library are kindly asked to get in contact with us. The Library staff is happy to assist you by email, phone, or in person.

Collections and Holdings

Our print collections comprise about 30,000 catalogued items, mainly books, periodicals, reprints, and research reports. We also preserve historical collections and archival documents from the IGB‘s former institutions. Special collections such as the "Ditton-Library" contain unique resources on the social and economic value of recreational fishing. The Library also takes care of the IBG's institutional bibliography. Currently, over 5,400 IGB publications can be found online.
For the scientists at the IGB we provide licenses to full-text articles through Wiley, Springer, JSTOR, Nature, BioOne, and Oxford. Online we have access to ebooks and journal archives with more than 8,200 titles. Additionally, we provide access to Web of Science.

Open Access

The IGB welcomes and supports open, online, and barrier-free access to and exchange of research results. Since 2019 we have an Open Access Policy. We take part in the Leibniz publishing fund and created an IGB publishing fund in 2018 to enable the immedeate publication of scientific articles. We support self-archiving of non open access articles via the so-called "green route". You can find our publications in LeibnizOpen.

Cooperation and Networks

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