The city of tomorrow is "blue"

Much more than foul water in clogged canals: urban waters could make our cities more livable. On the World Cities Day, we have talked to IGB scientist Jörg Freyhof about how this can be achieved.
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Peatlands: at times dreadful, but above all dreadfully important

Peatland restoration plays an important role in protecting the climate and biodiversity. From 21 to 29 October 2018, Dubai hosted the “Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (COP13)”. Researchers from IGB accompany the restoration of peatlands with their expertise.
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A bit of statistics

There is no doctoral thesis without data. But how do I design my experiment or investigation? How do I test my hypothesis? And how do I deal with my data? On the World Statistics Day, we offer the corresponding course at IGB.
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What swims in the Lake Müggelsee?

Which fish species live in the Lake Müggelsee, how many of them are there, and how big do they get? These were the questions investigated by some 20 IGB employees between 8 and 10 October.



IGB YouTube Channel

Jan Köhler and Tom Shatwell have analysed long-term data to prove that decreasing nitrogen is the key to reducing algal blooms in summer. This video presents their findings.



Anibal Pauchard; Laura A. Meyerson; Sven Bacher; Tim M. Blackburn; Giuseppe Brundu; Marc W. Cadotte; Franck Courchamp; Franz Essl; Piero Genovesi; Sylvia Haider; Nick D. Holmes; Philip E. Hulme; Jonathan M. Jeschke; Julie L. Lockwood; Ana Novoa; Martin A. Nunez; Duane A. Peitzer; Petr Pysek; David M. Richardson; Daniel Simberloff; Kevin Smith; Brian W. van Wilgen; Montserrat Vila; John R. U. Wilson; Marten Winter; Rafael D. Zenni;

Biodiversity assessments: origin matters

PLoS Biology. - 16(2018)11, e2006686

Thomas Meinelt; Petra Bartschat

Brandenburger Fischereitag am 22.08.2018 in Seddin

Fischer & Teichwirt. - 69(2018)11, S. 423-425

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