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Collaboration in exhibitions, interactions and other forms of presentation

Inspired by research on the sensory perception of marine animals, by the millennia-old sturgeon, by the symbiotic community structures between bladderwrack, plankton and schools of fish, and nonetheless inspired by the stories of the sea shores’ human inhabitants, FrauVonDa unfolds artistic research in various formats. | © FrauVonDa

IGB enjoys exploring new paths in the joint production and dissemination of knowledge, also with partners from the realm of art and culture. As diverse as inland waters are, so too are the creative approaches: We contribute our expertise, for example, to exhibitions, installations and interactive formats, offer space for filming and experiments where possible, host artists as artists in residence in individual cases or take part in the artistic process ourselves. As a rule, however, we are not available as a sponsor.

Examples and inspirations

Logo of the BLPB

Brandenburgische Landeszentrale für politische Bildung | Stadt, Land, Klima.

Brandenburg is experiencing climate change. Average temperatures are rising, precipitation is decreasing and extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. From October 2023 to June 2024, an exhibition supported by IGB describes what is typical of the climate in Brandenburg and how it is changing in the region.

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How much do we know about this sea and its creatures, and how can we approach their subjective environment? The artists investigated the sensory perception of aquatic animals and spoke with marine and freshwater biologists about the millennia-old sturgeon and the symbiotic community structures between bladderwrack, plankton and shoals of fish. The result was a multi-month project in various formats. It was presented at the Berlin Academy of the Arts in 2023.