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Diminishing habitats

Our planet is experiencing a dramatic decline in biodiversity. Freshwater plants and animals are particularly at risk. IGB scientists reveal where and why freshwater habitats are declining.
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Protecting fungi

An international research team involving IGB calls for the better protection of aquatic fungi. This endeavour sounds insignificant and difficult to implement, but this is not the case on either count.
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Improving quarry ponds

How can angling clubs support fish and biodiversity? This question was addressed by representatives from research, nature conservation and the angling community in the BAGGERSEE project. Now they have presented their results.

Girls' Day at IGB

Today, Girls' Day took place in presence again, and not digitally. For 15 girls, this felt like real water research work.

The dynamics of nitrate in catchments  

Dörthe Tetzlaff's team combined a mathematical model with field data to analyse the pathways of nitrate in the Demnitzer Mühlenfließ - a typical catchment in the north-eastern German lowlands with mixed landscape use.

The Earth in focus

On Earth Day, we take a look at water bodies from high above, because the greater the distance, the more visible climate-related or ecological problems may become. With the help of image data from the air or from space, IGB researchers monitor the ecological status of and essential processes in surface waters. Today they told us what they discover in their research.

The way the smallest interact

 Luca Zoccarato and Hans-Peter Grossart have investigated the interaction potential of 473 different marine bacteria by analysing their complete genomes.

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