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IGB receives HR Excellence in Research Award again

The award has been conferred on us by the European Commission once again in recognition of our HR development strategy. The institute is assessed according to the EU’s HRS4R standard every three years: Have we made progress in improving the working and research environment for our staff as planned?
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Lake habitats are disappearing as the climate changes

Global warming is increasing the surface temperatures of lakes worldwide – are species finding the temperatures they need to survive? Researchers led by IGB have quantified the long-term temperature changes in 139 lakes worldwide. 
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Global warming: lakes lose too much oxygen

Oxygen levels in freshwater lakes are declining rapidly – faster than in the oceans. Over the past forty years, for example, oxygen levels in the deep waters of temperate lakes have dropped by nearly 19 percent. 
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Small hydropower plants do more harm than good

Around half of the hydropower plants in Romania are located in nature conservation areas. These are mostly small plants that contribute only 3 percent of Romania's electricity generation, but threaten biodiversity.
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New journal presents knowledge from fisheries research

The “Zeitschrift für Fischerei” (or “FischZeit” for short) is the first peer-reviewed, German-language journal for fisheries research that brings together knowledge on all aspects of commercial and recreational fisheries, aquaculture, stock management, and fish conservation in inland, coastal and marine ecosystems.

New research group leader for eco-evolutionary dynamics

Lynn Govaert has been the head of the new research group Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics. She studies how ecological and evolutionary processes shape communities and metacommunities in their response to environmental change.

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