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IGB in corona minimum mode

In order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus resp. the disease COVID-19, research operations at Berlin research institutions were switched to emergency presence mode on 20 March 2020. What does this mean at IGB?
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Against overfishing: Save the oldies!

In addition to the offspring, also keep the particularly large, older specimens alive: This management achieves good compromises between the demands of professional and angling fishing and the natural reproductive capacity of fish stocks.   
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Storms and lakes – a critical knowledge gap

Rita Adrian and Hans-Peter Grossart from IGB, investigated the research knowledge about the effects of extreme weather on lake ecosystems and found out: We know too little – and that is a risk.
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Mega does not only mean big

The term megafauna is not clearly defined in biodiversity research.  An international team with IGB researchers Sonja Jähnig, Fengzhi He and the former director of IGB, Klement Tockner, realized it's time to change that.
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Clean-up at Lake Müggelsee

From car tires to toy guns – during the garbage collection campaign at Lake Müggelsee, all of this was fished out of the water.

IGB position regarding the Tesla building project in Grünheide

Currently, the Tesla building project "Gigafactory" in Grünheide and its potential impact on the environment is the subject of controversial discussions. The IGB has received several requests regarding the water situation. The IGB publishes its official position on this subject here.
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IGB scientists in the impermanent ice

The scientists explore parasitic fungi on diatoms in the Antarctic. Their investigations could reveal unknown effects of climate change on the Antarctic food webs.
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The hidden water

Special Issue on groundwater: Many drinking water resources depend on the exchange between ground and surface water. Nutrients and pollutants can also be transported, converted, retained or accumulated along the flow paths. 

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