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April 1997

Cyclotella tripartita (Bacillariophyceae), a dominant species in the oligotrophic Lake Stechlin, Germany

Wolfram Scheffler; Judit Padisak
Nova Hedwigia. - 65(1997)1-4, S. 221-232
April 1997

Mueggelone, a novel inhibitor of fish development from the fresh water cyanobacterium Aphanizomenon flos-aquae

Olaf Papendorf; Gabriele M. König; Anthony D. Wright; Ingrid Chorus; Axel Oberemm
Journal of Natural Products. - 60(1997)12, S. 1298-1300
April 1997

Highlights on the responses of some plankton communities to planktivory: enclosure experiments in three lakes, Germany

Brook Lemma; J. Benndorf; R. Koschel
Tagungsbericht 1996 der DGL / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Limnologie. - Krefeld, 1997. - Bd. II, S. 362-366
April 1997

A PCR test for mitochondrial heteroplasmy in sturgeon

A. Ludwig; I. Jenneckens
Animal genetics. - 31(2000), S. 153-154
April 1997

Jamming avoidance response (JAR) und assoziierte Verhaltensweisen bei dem schwach elektrischen Messerfisch Apteronotus leptorhynchus: Adultzustand und Ontogenese

Frank Kirschbaum; Henning Stams
Zeitschrift für Fischkunde. - 4(1997)1/2, S. 163-200
April 1997

Three-way Principal Components Analysis for fluorescence spectroscopic classification of algae species

R. Henrion; G. Henrion; M. Böhme; H. Behrendt
Fresenius journal of analytical chemistry. - 357(1997), S. 522-526

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