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The Berlin-Brandenburg Institute of Advanced Biodiversity Research (BBIB) is a consortium of four university institutes and five non-university research institutes of the Leibniz Association that conduct research into biodiversity. The heart of BBIB is located on the Berlin-Dahlem Campus of Freie Universität Berlin.

Freshwaters, some of the most species-rich habitats on our planet, are experiencing a rapid decline in biological diversity. BBIB seeks to cross traditional academic boundaries by integrating competences in ecology, evolution, the social sciences and political science. The aim of this interdisciplinary collaboration is to create a fundamental knowledge base on the function of biodiversity and its sensitivity. The intention is to create a cross-system research platform called ScapeLabs, which will be used to extend theoretical research into biodiversity to actual ecosystems and landscapes.

In the context of BBIB, IGB identifies measures for improving the protection of biodiversity in freshwaters. We focus on coupling freshwaters with their surroundings and on the influence of land use practices on biodiversity and ecological functions.

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Mark Gessner

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Ecosystem Processes

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