07. November 2019 | colloquium

Dr. Stephanie Januchowski-Hartley

Department of Biosciences, Swansea University, UK
7. Nov
07th November 2019, 2.00 pm

Dr. Stephanie Januchowski-Hartley

Lecture hall, Müggelseedamm 310, 12587 Berlin

Interdisciplinary approaches to understanding aquatic ecosystems in a changing world

Freshwater ecosystems have been used to sustain human lives and livelihoods and to dispose of human waste, but relatively speaking, have not been given sustained scholarly attention. I learned this as I spent the last two decades above and below water, thinking and asking and addressing questions about these ecosystems and the ways that humans modify, use, and depend on them. Through this work I am also inspired to communicate about these ecosystems, and the species that they support. More specifically, I am interested in different ways we can look at, and witness and learn about, freshwater ecosystems, particularly with regards to what is underwater. In this talk, I will share examples and experiences of my own, and from our research team, with developing approaches to engage and share with others about freshwater ecosystems, to listen and share stories, and different ways we are exploring to evaluate potential changes in attitudes or perceptions generated by sci-art interventions. I’d like us to enter and leave the talk reflecting on how we communicate about our research and freshwater ecosystems, and to consider if we modify how we engage with and share about these ecosystems, could others too?


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Host: Gregor Kalinkat

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