The LakeLab in Lake Stechlin (Rheinsberg Lake Region in northern Brandenburg) is a globally unique experimental facility. Here we explore the impacts of climate change on aquatic organisms and how they interact, as well as how ecological processes in lakes are affected. The LakeLab consists of 24 experimental units containing separate lake basins with a diameter of nine metres and a depth of twenty metres. The enclosures reach from the water surface to the lake bottom. Automatically operated measuring instruments in the experimental units continuously record important water parameters at various depths.

By installing the facility in 2012, with funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, IGB ventured into technologically and scientifically uncharted territory: the large-scale environmental experiments undertaken here by our scientists are supposed to be as realistic as possible. The unusually large dimensions of the experimental facility and the long-term data series available for Lake Stechlin are conductive to creating a realistic setting. It is only thanks to the LakeLab that we have managed for the first time to prove interrelations between climate change and its impact on lakes on a relevant scale. In view of the rapidly changing environmental conditions, this information is essential for the future management of Lake Stechlin, for water protection in general, and for environmental policy.

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Contact person

Mark Gessner

Head of Department
Research group
Ecosystem Processes

Stella A. Berger

Research Group Leader
Research group
Experimental Phytoplankton Ecology

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