Once to the sea and back: On tour with sturgeon, salmon & Co.

Traveling from rivers to the sea and back is a major task in a sturgeon’s life and now he even takes children and young adults on his journey. | Picture: Philipp Freudenberg

The ‘Wanderfisch‘ project is embedded in the Science Year 2016*17 and creates the link between maritime and limnic ecosystems. Here the migrating sturgeon plays an important role since it spends a major part of its life in the sea but moves upstream the river for spawning. Once, sturgeons belonged to Europe's endemic species but due to i.e. the destruction and pollution of its habitats or the introduction of foreign species the sturgeon has gone extinct in Germany and other parts of Europe. Since 1996, the IGB is involved in the rearing and reintroduction of sturgeons in close cooperation with the ‘Gesellschaft zur Rettung des Störs e.V.‘. In the current project, these actions are jointly coordinated with several educational institutions in order to involve children in topics of species/ nature conservation. Besides the conduction of stocking activities, Gewässerkisten as well as integrated informational material will stimulate pupils and teacher to create autonomous projects and excursions. Due to its experience in planning and implementing new educational contents in schools BildungsCent e.V. represents an important partner for this project.

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(Dept. 4) Fish Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture
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Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

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Jörn Gessner

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Reintroduction of the European Sturgeon to Germany

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