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Sixteen metres long and almost five metres wide, but a draught of just eighty centimetres – with these dimensions, ‘Paulus Schiemenz’, a ship made entirely of aluminium, can also be used in shallow waters and outside navigable channels. Based on fishing samples, we investigate communities in different stretches of water, for example, the development of stocks of endangered species such as the burbot or the river lamprey. The stern tug with a lowered working platform features a crane and hydraulic winches for trawl net fishing as well as seawater and vent connections for supplying the fish tanks with seawater and air. The ‘Paulus Schiemenz’ is also designed for use in winter, and can be deployed with an ice thickness of up to five centimetres. The ship was named after Professor Dr. Paulus Schiemenz, who was the Director of the Royal Institute for Inland Fisheries (a precursor to IGB) from 1906 to 1925.

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