18. October 2018 | colloquium

Doctoral Colloquium Presentations

IGB Doctoral candidates present their research
18. Oct
18th October 2018, 2.00 pm

Doctoral Colloquium Presentations

Lecture hall, Müggelseedamm 310, 12587 Berlin

Christofer Naas: “Production of pike-perch under brackish water conditions in RAS” (main advisor: Werner Kloas)

Konrad Wanka: “Development of probiotics for the production of turbot in recirculating aquaculture systems“ (main advisor: Sven Würtz)

Martin Tschirner: "Feed performance and immunostimulation capacity of Hermetia illucens as a feedstuff in aquaculture" (Advisors: Werner Kloas and Klaus Knopf)

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