Amazon river dolphin

Inia geoffrensis

Amazon River Dolphin

  • Its taxonomy is still under debate; two other species have been proposed: I. boliviensis and I. araguaiaensis.
  • Body colour varies with age: from grey to pink.
  • Males are larger and heavier than females and tend to be more intensely coloured (pink).
  • Its body length at birth is about 80 cm.
  • Its body is extremely flexible, allowing it to navigate inside the flooded forest in search of its prey.
  • It can move the head in all directions (up and down and sideways), which increases the area of scanning with the sonar.
  • Inia is the only dolphin with two types of teeth (heterodonty).
  • Its diet includes a great variety of fish (over 45 species).
  • It is known to carry objects like sticks or branches, potentially as a sociosexual behaviour.
  • It has been illegally hunted to be used as bait for piracatinga (Calophysus macropterus), which is attracted to rotting carcasses.
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Fengzhi He

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Aquatic Ecogeography

Sonja Jähnig

Head of Department
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Aquatic Ecogeography

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