Arendsee Monitoring Station

IGB has been operating a floating monitoring station on lake Arendsee since 2010. | Photo: Sylvia Jordan / IGB

The lake Arendsee is located in the Altmark region in north Saxony-Anhalt. With an area of 510 hectares, Arendsee is one of the ten largest lakes in the federal state. It has been the focus of scientific investigations for years, owing to the repeated impairment of water quality by high nutrient loads. In particular, the water becomes very turbid in summer. Too many nutrients in the lake cause an excessive growth of microalgae, leading to a lack of oxygen. IGB has been operating a floating monitoring station on the lake since 2010. Here we collect standard meteorological data and measure various water parameters. Data is collected automatically at ten-minute intervals. In close collaboration with the State Agency for Flood Defence and Water Management (LHW) and other administrative authorities, we use the data to derive recommendations for management measures at the lake Arendsee.

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Michael Hupfer

Research Group Leader
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Biogeochemical Processes in Sediments and Lake Management

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