Nature Discovery Day 2024

Join us to identify aquatic animals, learn about the sun and planets through a telescope, discover nature through play, observe insects under a microscope, follow the tracks of squirrels and bats, and practice your outdoor skills with stick training and carving. The highlight of the day is a torchlight walk at 7.30pm.
22. Jun
22 June 2024 | 2.00 pm
Kienbergpark, Berlin
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Nature Discovery Day 2024

Experience urban nature with activities for young and old
  • Discover the fascinating world of freshwater habitats
  • Explore the diverse fauna in the Wuhleteich pond and identify the aquatic animals with the help of nets, etc. 
  • Climb high and look through large telescopes, observe the sun and discover the details in the sky over Berlin
  • Become part of the water network dialogue on living shorelines and learn about the connections between the "blue lifelines". 
  • Join in the search for traces and hear exciting stories about the life of squirrels and bats
  • Be inspired by the little six-legged stars and take a new look at insects with the help of a microscope
  • Find out what life in the wild feels like for you, learn to carve and go on a search for sticks and traces in Kienbergpark

Come along, we look forward to seeing you!

Kinder analysieren Wasserproben

© Konstantin Börner

Offer free of charge

Location: Kienbergpark Environmental Education Centre, Wuhleteich Pond

By underground line U5 (station Kienberg/Gärten der Welt) or bus 197 - via Wuhlesteg to UBZ

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