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Soapbox Science Berlin 2020

Soapbox Science promotes more female role models in science. It is important to bring our research to the public in order to achieve a wider participation of society in science and to break the stereotypes of how a scientist looks like or how science is done.
19. Sep
19 September 2020
public event

Soapbox Science Berlin 2020

Washingtonplatz | southside of Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Female* scientists from all over the world present their research standing on soapboxes. The event format, which was launched in Great Britain in 2011, transforms public places into venues for joint learning and scientific discussions. IGB is proud co-organiser of the Berlin events. The short lectures will be in English and/or German. Please ask questions and talk to the scientists!

Soapbox Science Poster 2020

* We - the Soapbox Science Berlin team - particularly encourage the participation of trans and genderqueer women, non-binary people, refugees, and people with disabilities, that for the purpose of this event are comfortable being fem-identified. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question you may have, including but not limited to: accessibility needs or concerns about discrimination acts while in the spotlight. We will work together to make sure that you can present your work comfortably and safely.

Video Soapbox Science explained
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