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Exhibition: Women in Limnology

Exhibition "Women in Limnology" for two weeks at IGB. I Photo: Nadja Neumann

"Passion makes people take notice and realize that some things are special".  With that quotation from Kathleen Carpenter (1891 to 1979)  begins the exhibition "Women in Limnology" which is currently shown at IGB until 5 October 2018.

The exhibition highlights the role of women in Limnology throughout history. The main aim is to help in visualising the past and present role of women in Limnology at the national and international level. It gives an overview of the scientific life and findings, presents profiles of women in limnology and reports their main challenges.

A short documentary film shows statements of female limnologists, including portraits of IGB-scientists Sabine Wollrab and Sonia Herrero. "These women represent many other female limnologists and their example should encourage and inspire young women that are at their early and mid-career stages", says Sonia Herrero.

The exhibition was created by the gender group of the Iberian Association of Limnology (AIL). During months a team of 20 volunteers worked on it (IGB-scientists Sonia Herrero and Clara Romero among them).

The feedback of the visitors at IGB: it is still an important cause of concern, but straightaway other good examples of outstanding female limnologists popped up in the conversations.


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