09/29/2017 | short news | Katharina Bunk

Freshwater Life: Document, Understand, Protect

Online-Survey open until 30 November 2017

Freshwater habitats such as lakes, wetlands and rivers cover only a fraction of the Earth's surface, but provide the habitat for at least six percent of all species of animals and plants. They are most affected by man-made environmental changes. | Photo: Dominik Zak / IGB

Freshwaters are fundamental for life on Earth, and yet freshwater biodiversity remains poorly documented, understood, and protected. With a global initiative, scientists from the IGB Resarch Domain Aquatic Biodiversity want to strengthen the perception and importance of freshwaters in science, politics, nature conservation and the public.

What efforts must be made to achieve this goal? People around the globe who are interested or working in the research and protection of freshwater biodiversity are invited to participate.

To the 10-minute online survey >

The survey is also available in German, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. It runs until 30 November 2017.

Contact person

Sonja Jähnig

Research Group Leader
Working group
Global Change Effects on River Ecosystems

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