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“Let’s jointly create more real knowledge!”

The plethora of raw data and unlinked information that we gather too rarely leads to real knowledge and understanding, says Jonathan Jeschke. In an interview, the ecologist talks about how one could shed light on “knowledge in the dark”.
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Schwoerbel-Benndorf Prizes to IGB Young Researchers

At its annual conference, the German Limnological Society (DGL) awards three prizes to outstanding young researchers. Jonas Schaper and Oleksandra Shumilova from IGB received the 2nd and 3rd prizes. Congratulations!
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International Workshop on the Evolution of Female and Male

When fundamental perspectives in research change, it is good to share them. At the expert meeting from September 19 to 21 there was no gender struggle but a lively discourse on the evolution of female and male.
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The IGB Newsletter 4/2019 is out!

Every other month, the FRESHWATER NEWS give an overview of the developments in IGB freshwater research and of upcoming events.
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Survey on urban ponds

Support the project Urban Algae and participate in the online survey on perception and appreciation of urban ponds by 30th September 2019!
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In the footsteps of his grandfather

Harry Powell, grandson of Prof. Hans Helmut Wundsch visiting the IGB. Wundsch worked from 1925 to 1937 and from 1947 to 1958 as a director at predecessor institutes of today's IGB.
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Science meets soulbottles

Within the workshop series "Uncharted Waters", the IGB regularly invites interesting representatives from businesses, associations and politics to an open exchange. This time, the team of soulbottles was our guest.
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A new look for the information portal

Aquaculture is the fastest growing area of food production in the world – one of the reasons why it is the subject of controversial debate in society and politics. The information portal provides objective and research-based information on aquaculture.
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Open Call for Citizen Science Projects on Pollution

ACTION supports citizen science projects working on pollution of all kinds, such as water, air or light pollution. IGB will be coordinating the ACTION Accelerator programme. Apply till 31st October 2019!

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