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Clean-up at Lake Müggelsee

From car tires to toy guns – during the garbage collection campaign at Lake Müggelsee, all of this was fished out of the water.

Moving aquaculture into more sustainable waters

The workshop "The Blue Sector at the Crossroad – Moving Aquaculture Into More Sustainable Waters" looked at strategies for a more intensive but sustainable use of fish, mussels, crustaceans or algae in aquacultures.
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Luc De Meester is the new director of IGB

The Belgian aquatic ecologist and evolutionary biologist Luc De Meester takes up the position as the director of IGB. We look forward to working with him!

“It is important to me that IGB is a community”

Getting to know the new IGB director Luc De Meester. Where is he from, and where does he want to go with IGB and its staff? On his first days in office, he told us about what motivates him, and what plans he has.

Open Access Policy for IGB

We are committed to Open Access! To promote the principles of Open Science, IGB agreed on an Open Access Policy.

“Let’s jointly create more real knowledge!”

The plethora of raw data and unlinked information that we gather too rarely lead to real knowledge and understanding, says Jonathan Jeschke. In an interview, the ecologist talks about how to shed light on “knowledge in the dark”.

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