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Artists in Residence at IGB

How can you make lakes and the worlds largely hidden within them experienceable? "Artists in Residence" of IGB will be filming at Lake Stechlin in June.
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Long Day of the CityNature

Urban Ecology is an important field of research for the IGB. The "Long Day of Urban Nature" on 25 May 2019 was also about aquatic species diversity in Berlin and recreation on the water. There was also information on aquaculture.
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Living Water

Researchers from 20 German scientific institutions have presented a joint research agenda on the biological diversity of inland and coastal waters.
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Girls' Day at IGB

15 girls on board for the Girls' Day at IGB - curious and everything but hydrophobic! 
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The Berliner Nachtungen

On January 23rd the Berliner Nachtungen will enter the 10th round. This time Will Straw from McGill University Montreal will discuss media consumption at night with his audience. It starts at 8pm in the Center for Metropolitan Studies Berlin.
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Hot topic "Fake-Science"

A team of international media companies (amongst them the NDR, WDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung) has recently investigated the acitivities of so called predatory publishers in the science system worldwide. Fortunately, there has been no case of predatory publishing at IGB so far - not least due to our library information and advice services on the selection of respectable journals.
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Of Colour and Light: When Art meets Science

Six tanks filled with water of River Spree and exposed to differently-colored artificial light: this is the core element of an art installation shown from July 5th to September 2nd 2018 in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

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