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Measuring buoys on 18 lakes

The IGB-researchers Stella Berger and Sabine Wollrab have a lot to do in the coming weeks. As part of the CONNECT project, their team is installing measuring buoys on 18 lakes in the North German lowlands.

IGB contributes to IPCC report

Professor Rita Adrian is engaged in the long-term and climate impact research of lake ecosystems at IGB. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has selected her as a lead author of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (AR6), which is due to be released in 2021/22.

Climate gases from water bodies

As the earth warms up, our bodies of water can release more methane and carbon dioxide. It is a vicious circle in which climate change itself intensifies. Researchers at IGB investigate the processes that lead to this release of greenhouse gases.
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Blooms of green

Lakes as the Müggelsee near Berlin are currently covered with an unusually thick carpet of algae. This algal bloom is primarily a result of the warm summer months, but there are also other reasons...    
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Light pollution a reason for insect decline!?

Climate change, pesticides and land use changes alone cannot fully explain the decline in insect populations in Germany. Artificial lighting at night could be another reason for declining insect populations.

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