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  • Topic:Multiple stressors and pollutants
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Protecting biodiversity: creating dark infrastructure

An international research team with the participation of IGB advocates the worldwide development of a dark infrastructure. This refers to areas and corridors without excessive artificial light at night that protect biodiversity from light pollution.
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Peatlands clean up acid mine drainage

The pollution of groundwater and surface waters with sulphate and iron from acid mine drainage is a worldwide problem in post-mining landscapes. Researchers from HU Berlin and IGB have shown in the laboratory that fen soil can reduce the iron and sulphate contamination of mine water by over 80 percent.
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Birch trees remove microplastics from the soil

Mithilfe von Bäumen könnten mit Mikroplastik belastete Böden saniert werden. Erstmals zeigen Forschende des IGB, dass die Hänge-Birke während der Wachstumsphase Mikroplastik über die Wurzeln aufnimmt. Eine gute Nachricht, denn Böden sind um ein Vielfaches höher mit Mikroplastik verschmutzt als  Meere und Ozeane.
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One in five fish dies from passing hydroelectric turbines

Hydroelectric turbines put fish at risk of severe injury during passage. To support an informed debate on the sustainability of hydropower, reliable data of turbine-induced fish mortality are pivotal. A team of researchers has now provided a first global analysis. On average, 22.3 percent of all fish passing through turbines got killed or showed severe, potentially lethal injuries.
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Long-term binding of phosphorus in lake sediment

Excessive phosphorus loading lead to the accumulation of this nutrient in water bodies. Lake sediments can retain phosphorus. In laboratory tests, an IGB team has investigated the conditions under which this retention is long-term.

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