PR and Knowledge Transfer

Working at the interface between science and society
“Research for the future of our freshwaters” is IGB’s mission. For this reason, one of IGB’s central tasks is to provide objective, science-based information and advice to societal stakeholders from politics, authorities, associations, industry, education, civil society and the interested public.

At the interface between science and society – the “Science-Society-Interface” (SSI) – the classic areas of knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) and public relations (PR) have been merged together in a combined team. This helps to utilize synergy effects and to develop holistic transfer and dissemination strategies for IGB’s research results.

The SSI team supports scientists in practical exchange with societal stakeholders and is also offering internal workshops on public engagement and stakeholder communication.

The SSI team coordinates the institute’s public relations and is in charge of its social media channels. Additionally, we are also coordinating the IGB Outlines, an own stakeholder publication series in which research findings and options for action are presented comprehensibly for policy-makers and society.

Furthermore, we organise interactive dialogue formats like the Lake Dialogues. The workshop series IGB Academy in which research knowledge is transferred to practitioners is also coordinated by the SSI team. We organise formats of scientific policy consulting and coordinate cooperations between science and industry.

In our internal workshop series "Uncharted Waters" we train and foster the exchange of our scientists with policymakers, businesses, associations and the media, and the understanding of their respecitve goals and logics of action.

Additionally, we test transdisciplinary approaches with new partners, such as from the realm of culture. Our intention is to initiate a culture of exchange inside and outside IGB, creating a “double impact” in science and society.

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