Alexander H. Frank

Guest Scientist
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Zur Alten Fischerhütte 2

16775 Stechlin OT Neuglobsow

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  • D. R. Piatka, A. H. Frank, I. Köhler, K. Castiglione, R. van Geldern, J. A. C. Barth (2021). Balance of carbon species combined with stable isotope ratios show critical switch towards bicarbonate uptake during cyanobacteria blooms. Sci Total Environ: 151067
  • K. Daskalopoulou, H. Woith, M. Zimmer, S. Niedermann, J. A. Barth, A. H. Frank, A. Vieth-Hillebrand, J. Vlcek, C. D. Bağ and R. Bauz (2021). Insight into Hartoušov Mofette, Czech Republic: Tales by the fluids. Front Earth Sci 9: 193.
  • A. H. Frank, R. van Geldern, A. Myrttinen, M. Zimmer, J. A. C. Barth, B. Strauch (2020). Geological CO2 quantified by high-temporal resolution stable isotope monitoring in a salt mine. Sci Rep 10: 20671
  • K. Jayathunga, S. Diyabalanage, A. H. Frank, R. Chandrajith, J. A. C. Barth (2020)  Influences of seawater intrusion and anthropogenic activities on shallow coastal aquifers in Sri Lanka: evidence from hydrogeochemical and stable isotope data. Environ Sci Pollut Res 27: 23002–23014
  • M. Mooshammer, F. Hofhansl, A. H. Frank, W. Wanek, I. Hämmerle, S. Leitner, J. Schnecker, B. Wild, M. Watzka, K. M. Keiblinger, S. Zechmeister-Boltenstern, A. Richter (2017) Decoupling of microbial carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in response to extreme temperature events. Sci Adv 3(5): e1602781
  • A. H. Frank, B. Pontiller, G. J. Herndl, and T. Reinthaler (2016) Erythromycin and GC7 fail as domain-specific inhibitors for bacterial and archaeal activity in the open ocean. Aquat Microb Ecol 77(2): p. 99-110
  • A. H. Frank, J. A. Garcia, G. J. Herndl, and T. Reinthaler (2016) Connectivity between surface and deep waters determines prokaryotic diversity in the North Atlantic Deep Water. Environ Microbiol Rep 18(6): p. 2052-63
  • M. Mooshammer, W. Wanek, J. Schnecker, B. Wild, S. Leitner, F. Hofhansl, A. Blöchl, I. Hämmerle, A. H. Frank, L. Fuchslueger, K.M. Keiblinger, S. Zechmeister-Boltenstern, and A. Richter (2012) Stoichiometric controls of nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in decomposing beech leaf litter. Ecology 93(4): p. 770-782
  • P. Lachouani, A. H. Frank, and W. Wanek (2010) A suite of sensitive chemical methods to determine the delta15N of ammonium, nitrate and total dissolved N in soil extracts. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom 24(24): p. 3615-23
  • C. Kaiser, A. Frank, B. Wild, M. Koranda, and A. Richter (2010) Negligible contribution from roots to soil-borne phospholipid fatty acid fungal biomarkers 18:2omega6,9 and 18:1omega9. Soil Biol Biochem 42(9): p. 1650-1652

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