Mina Bizic

Eigene Stelle (DFG)
033082 69969

Alte Fischerhütte 2, OT Neuglobsow, 16775 Stechlin

Research group

Research Interests

I am an aquatic microbial ecologist conducting broad interdisciplinary research ranging from the Global Oceanic Carbon Cycle, the Oxic Methane Paradox Microbial interactions and Succession of Microorganisms Colonizing Macroscopic Organic Aggregates in aquatic communities and ecosystems, Aquatic/terrestrial coupling and much more including a fascination with  Single "unit" studies such as individual cells or individual particles.

I enjoy working at the boundaries and interfaces of different scientific disciplines and I implement experimental tools development, bioinformatics, and advanced imaging in my research.

Currently my work is divided between studying the factors determining the Succession of Microorganisms Colonizing Macroscopic Organic Aggregates, as part of my own DFG project, and following up on my recent discovery of methane produced by phytoplankton during photosynthesis.


Molecular microbial ecology:

DNA and RNA work (extraction and purification,  amplification, mRNA enrichment etc.); Metagenomics; Metatranscriptomics; Single-cell genomics; Fingerprinting (DGGE, ARISA); Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH, CARD-FISH); Microscopy (Laser scanning confocal and epifluorescence).

Oxford Nanopore sequencing.

Analytical methods:

Multivariate statistics for ecological studies; Genomic and metagenomics analysis, using dedicated programs under Linux environment; Gene expression statistics (differential expression in transcriptomes); Automated microscopy for large data sets.

Cultivation work:

Enrichment of Cyanobacteria and algae from environmental samples; Maintenance of axenic Cyanobacterial cultures for experimental work; Standard isolation of marine and freshwater bacteria on solid media.


Gas-chromatography; Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry (MIMS); Elemental CHN analysis; Total dissolved inorganic & organic carbon analysis; Sequential phosphorus fractionation analysis; O2, pH, H2S microsensors.

Population dynamics estimation in ichthyology:

Length-weight relationship; Growth; Mortality; Biomass estimation; Tools selectivity; MSY (maximum sustainable yield); Fish age determination and growth rates by otoliths.

Additional experience:

Underwater sampling (marine snow, cores); On-board sampling (lakes, sea).




March 2024
Ted D. Harris; Kaitlin L. Reinl; Marzi Azarderakhsh; Stella A. Berger; Manuel Castro Berman; Mina Bizic; Ruchi Bhattacharya; Sarah H. Burnet; Jacob A. Cianci-Gaskill; Lisette N. de Senerpont Domis; Inge Elfferich; K. Ali Ger; Hans-Peter F. Grossart; Bas W. Ibelings; Danny Ionescu; Zohreh Mazaheri Kouhanestani; Jonas Mauch; Yvonne R. McElarney; Veronica Nava; Rebecca L. North; Igor Ogashawara; Ma. Cristina A. Paule-Mercado; Sara Soria-Píriz; Xinyu Sun; Jessica V. Trout-Haney; Gesa A. Weyhenmeyer; Kiyoko Yokota; Qing Zhan


March 2023
Kaitlin L. Reinl; Ted D. Harris; Rebecca L. North; Pablo Almela; Stella A. Berger; Mina Bizic; Sarah H. Burnet; Hans-Peter Grossart; Bastiaan W Ibelings; Ellinor Jakobsson; Lesley B. Knoll; Brenda M. Lafrancois; Yvonne McElarney; Ana M. Morales-Williams; Ulrike Obertegger; Igor Ogashawara; Ma Cristina Paule-Mercado; Benjamin L. Peierls; James A. Rusak; Siddhartha Sarkar; Sapna Sharma; Jessica V. Trout-Haney; Pablo Urrutia-Cordero; Jason J. Venkiteswaran; Danielle J. Wain; Katelynn Warner; Gesa A. Weyhenmeyer; Kiyoko Yokota

Blooms also like it cold

Limnology and Oceanography Letters. - 8(2023)4, 546-564




January 2021
Johannes Schellenberg; Jessica Reichert; Martin Hardt; Ines Klingelhöfer; Gertrud Morlock; Patrick Schubert; Mina Bižić; Hans-Peter Grossart; Peter Kämpfer; Thomas Wilke and Stefanie P. Glaeser





January 2017
Mina Bizic-Ionescu; Danny Ionescu

Crossing the freshwater/saline barrier: a phylogenetic analysis of bacteria inhabiting both freshwater and marine ecosystems

Aquatic microbial ecology and biogeochemistry /P. M. Glibert ; T. M. Kana (eds.). - Cham: Springer International Publ., 2016. - S. 35-44




August 2012
Danny Ionescu; Christian Siebert; Luos Polerecky; Yaniv Y. Munwes; Christian Lott; Stefan Häusler; Mina Bizic-Ionescu; Christian Quast; Jörg Peplies; Frank Oliver Glöckner; Albam Ramette; Tino Rödiger; Thorsten Dittmar; Aharon Oren; Stefan Geyer; Hans-Joachim Stärk; Martin Sauter; Tobias Licha; Jonathan B. Laronne; Dirk de Beer
Full Publication List


Bizic, M#., Ionescu, D#., Karnatak, R., Musseau, L.C., Onandia, G., Berger, S., Nejstgaard, J., Lischeid, D., Gessner., M, Wolrab, S., Grossart, H-P. (2022) Land-use affects composition of active microbial and eukaryotic communities in ponds but not overall functionality, Molecular Ecology  https://doi.org/10.1111/mec.16348  # Authors contributed equally to the manuscript.

Bizic, M,. (2021) Phytoplankton photosynthesis: an unexplored source of biogenic methane emission from oxic environments, fbab069, https://doi.org/10.1093/plankt/fbab069

Günthel M., Klawonn I., Woodhouse J., Bižić M., Ionescu D., Ganzert L., Kümmel S., Nijenhuis I., Zoccarato L., Grossart H-P., Tang KW. (2020) Photosynthesis-driven methane production in oxic lake water as an important contributor to methane emission, Limnology and Oceanography in press DOI:10.1002/lno.11557.

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This paper was highlighted in 2011: Story was covered by National Geographic, CNN, BBC, and numerous “popular science” and general magazines and TV-stations worldwide.

Book Chapter

Bižić, M., Ionescu D (2019) The Methane Paradox, Bacteria In eLS, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd (Ed.), In press

Ionescu, D. Bizic, M (2019) Giant Bacteria In eLS, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd (Ed.), doi:10.1002/9780470015902.a0020371.pub2

Bižić -Ionescu, M., Ionescu, D., Gunthel, M., Tang, K.W., Grossart, H-P., (2018) New evidence for methane formation in oxic lake water, In: Stams, A.J.M.,  Sousa, D.Z., (ed), Handbook of Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology Series. Biogenesis of Hydrocarbons, Springer International Publishing.

Bižić-Ionescu, M., Ionescu D. (2016) Crossing the border - The freshwater/salt saline barrier: A phylogenetic analysis of bacteria inhabiting both freshwater and marine ecosystems. In: Glibert, P.M., Kanna, T. (ed), Aquatic Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry: A Dual Perspective, Springer International Publishing, pp:35-44

DFG PROJECT (Eigene Stelle)

Determinants of Community Structure, Function and Succession of Microorganisms Colonizing Macroscopic Organic Aggregates

Duration: March 2019 - March 2022

I am conducting a temporal study on the degradation of macroscopic organic aggregates. I am specifically interested in heterogeneity between the activity and composition of microbial colonizers of individual aggregates and the drivers of microbial succession on these aggregates as they sink to the bottom of the lake or ocean. To study these in a controlled manner, I am using a flow through rolling tank designed by myself and colleagues to overcome the biasing effects of closed incubation systems.

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