Tim Walles

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Alte Fischerhütte 2, OT Neuglobsow, 16775 Stechlin


From the start of my PhD I have been testing, evaluating, developing and implementing new methods aimed at answering my research questions. With each new method test I came increasingly more in contact with various computer languages and methods. Now I use various acoustics equipment (acoustic Doppler current profilers and sonar), a in-situ imaging camera (Mini Deep Plankton Imager) and a self-build sample scanner. To process the data I use deep-learning neural networks that I, for example, use for identification and size measurements of zooplankton from the obtained images.



Erik Bochinski; Ghassen Bacha; Volker Eiselein; Tim J. W. Walles; Jens C. Nejstgaard; Thomas Sikora

Deep active learning for in situ plankton classification

Pattern recognition and information forensics / eds.: Zhaoxiang Zhang ... - Cham : Springer, 2019. - S. 5-15. -  (Lecture notes in computer science ; 11188)

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