Aquatic fungal biodiversity

A stream in the Montagne Noire forest, southern France. This is a typical habitat for aquatic fungi | Photo: Andreas Bruder

Aquatic fungi are an important part of the aquatic ecosystem and play a fundamental role in maintaining the health of aquatic ecosystems. These fungi are found in all kind of aquatic environments including lakes, rivers, streams, swamps, estuaries and oceans.

For the first time, FUNACTION will build knowledge about the taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional diversity of aquatic fungi to develop strategies for their conservation. FUNACTION has the following objectives:

  • Foundation: produce the knowledge base needed for aquatic fungi-aware conservation actions.
  • Conservation: translate that knowledge into conservation planning and monitoring tools for aquatic fungi.
  • Communication: increase awareness about aquatic fungi and the role they play in our freshwater and estuarine ecosystems, support inclusivity and participation in conservation, and engage with stakeholders to produce a useful scientific basis for effective implementation of conservation actions.


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(Dept. 3) Plankton and Microbial Ecology
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Aquatic Biodiversity in the Anthropocene
Aquatic Ecosystem Services and Sustainability
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EU Biodiversa+ via German Science Foundation (DFG)

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