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  • Department: (Dept. 4) Biology and Ecology of Fishes
Platzhalter Cover
November 2020
Biological Conservation. - 251(2020) art. 108764

On the conservation value of historic canals for aquatic ecosystems

Hsien-Yung Lin; Steven J. Cooke; Christian Wolter; Nathan Young; Joseph R. Bennett

The authors reviewed ecological studies in historic canal systems, examined the potential of historic canals to contribute to aquatic biodiversity conservation, and provided suggestions to promote biodiversity conservation given the opportunities and challenges in canal management (e.g., nature conservation vs historic preservation).

October 2020
Global Change Biology. - 26(2020)11, S. 6383-6398

The role of connectivity in the interplay between climate change and the spread of alien fish in a large Mediterranean river

Johannes Radinger; Emili García-Berthou

Dams exacerbate the consequences of climate change on river fish: A potential response of river fish to environmental changes is to colonise new habitats. Dams restrict the habitats of fish, but do not necessarily prevent the spread of invasive species, as Johannes Radinger and his team found.

October 2020
Science. - 370(2020)6513, S. 180

Pragmatic animal welfare is independent of feelings

Robert Arlinghaus; Ian G. Cowx; Brian Key; Ben K. Diggles; Alexander Schwab; Steven J. Cooke; Anne Berit Skiftesvik; Howard I. Browman

In this Letter to Science the researchers argue that effective application of animal welfare in conservation is also possible if it is based on objective and measurable parameters of animal welfare – without relying on concepts such as consciousness, sentience or pain. 

Platzhalter Cover
September 2020
Reviews in Fisheries Science & Aquaculture. - 28(2020)4, S. 518-535

Knowledge gaps and management priorities for recreational fisheries in the developing world

Shannon D. Bower; Øystein Aas; Robert Arlinghaus; T. Douglas Beard; Ian G. Cowx; Andy J. Danylchuk; Kátia M.F. Freire; Warren M. Potts; Stephen G. Sutton, and Steven J. Cooke

A survey with fisheries experts to gather information on recreational fisheries in developing countries shows that recreational fishing is socially important and is expected to grow in most countries. Recreational fisheries were described as mainly consumption oriented. Most often, tourists use marine waters, whereas resident recreational fishers use fresh waters. 

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