Lake Arendsee

The lake Arendsee is located in the Altmark region in Saxony-Anhalt. With an area of 510 hectares, Arendsee is one of the ten largest lakes in the federal state. The maximum depth of the lake is 51 metres. As is the case with many other lakes in Germany and other countries in Europe, the lake Arendsee is also affected by eutrophication. Owing to an excessive input of phosphorus, particularly in spring and summer, there is often an excessive growth of algae and cyanobacteria, which can result in the temporary restriction in the use of the lake for bathing purposes. It is now known that the main cause of the lake’s ecologically poor condition is contamination of the groundwater.

Measured Data

Meteorological data
Last measurement:
Air temperature - °C
Wind speed - m/s
Wind direction - °
Global radiation - W/m²
Humidity - %
Air pressure - hPa
Precipitation - mm
Water data
Last measurement:
Water temperature - °C
Oxygen saturation - %
Oxygen concentration - mg/l
pH value -
Conductivity - µS/cm
Chlorophyll a - µg/l
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