Fighting Light Pollution: Galileo Award for Sibylle Schroer

IGB scientist Sibylle Schroer. | Photo: David Ausserhofer / IGB

IGB scientist Dr. Sibylle Schroer has been awarded the 2017 Galileo Award by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) which is combating light pollution worldwide. The Galileo Award is given in recognition of outstanding achievements in research or academic work on light pollution over a multiple year period.

„The interdisciplinary network of research about light pollution is the focus of my work and therefore I appreciate the attention we receive from the US based IDA. I hope that future efforts will collaborate on an even more global scale as we experience today,” stresses Sibylle Schroer the importance of joining forces to tackle light pollution worldwide.

Sibylle Schroer is an advocate for light pollution education: She interacts directly with politicians and community leaders, representatives of the lighting industry, students, the general public, and the media. Apart from talks at international conferences on the topic of lighting and light pollution she is also keen on sharing best practice and establishing a network of experts on the topic. Just recently she co-hosted the IGB Academy "Light pollution and sustainable lighting concepts" and the IGB Dialogue at Lake Stechlin about artificial light at night.

She has been active in light pollution research since 2010 when she joined the Loss of the Night research project at IGB as a research coordinator. She has also coordinated the Loss of the Night Network and is partner within the STARS4ALL awareness project. And last but not least, she is a member of the steering committee of the ALAN conference series.

Congratulations, Sibylle!

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Sibylle Schroer

Scientific Coordinator Sustainability Research
Research group
Light Pollution and Ecophysiology

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