Johannes Graupner

IGB Academy: intensive exchange on light pollution

Consequences for ecosystems and possible solutions
On October 13th, this year's IGB Academy took place. The event focused on light pollution, an increasing problem for aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, but also for the human well-being. At the same time, lighting is also a large public and private cost factor.

New insights from research and practice: at the IGB Academy, the participants discussed the aftermath of light pollution and potential solutions.

Representatives from environmental associations, policy, public administration and business met at IGB to discuss new research insights and measures for efficient and eco-friendly lighting. Topics amongst others were the physical principles of light pollution, the consequences for ecosystems as well as a workshop regarding collective future strategies for a more sustainable lighting. The collaboration with societal stakeholders is planned to be intensified.

The IGB Academy is part of the knowledge transfer at IGB and is organized within the institute's SSI strategy.


Contact person

Sibylle Schroer

Project coordinator
Working group
Light pollution and ecophysiology

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