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New research field iEcology

Using data from the online world to gain new insights for environmental research. The concept for the new research field iEcology comes from an international team with Gregor Kalinkat from IGB.
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Navigation tool for a jungle of hypotheses

An international team led by IGB researchers Martin Enders and Jonathan Jeschke provide scientific guidance with a conceptual map of invasion biology.
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Invasive species with charisma have it easier

It's the outside that counts: Their charisma has an impact on the introduction and image of alien species and can even hinder their control, former IGB-scientist Ivan Jaric, Gregor Kalinkat and Jonathan Jeschke from IGB found out.
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Sturgeon genome sequenced

A team of researchers with Matthias Stöck, Jörn Gessner and Werner Kloas succeeded in sequencing the sturgeon genome, delivering a missing piece of the puzzle essential to understanding the ancestry of vertebrates.
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Mega does not only mean big

The term megafauna is not clearly defined in biodiversity research.  An international team with IGB researchers Sonja Jähnig, Fengzhi He and the former director of IGB, Klement Tockner, realized it's time to change that.

“It is important to me that IGB is a community”

Getting to know the new IGB director Luc De Meester. Where is he from, and where does he want to go with IGB and its staff? On his first days in office, he told us about what motivates him, and what plans he has.
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Luc De Meester is the new director of IGB

The Belgian aquatic ecologist and evolutionary biologist Luc De Meester takes up the position as the director of IGB. We look forward to working with him!

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