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88 Percent Decline of Big Freshwater Animals

IGB scientists have quantified the global decline of big freshwater animals: From 1970 to 2012, global populations of freshwater megafauna declined by 88 percent. Large fish species are particularly affected.
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River Management – It’s the Mix that Matters

IGB scientists Sonja Jähnig and Michael Monaghan point out the complexity of natural ecosystems and their multiple stressors, in reply to a recent comment piece in Nature on river management.
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Permanent professorship for IGB/FU researcher Jonathan Jeschke

Jonathan Jeschke has passed the five-year “Heisenberg test”, and has now been appointed to a permanent professorship. He embarked on his research into biological invasions with his Ecological Novelty research group at both the IGB and FU Berlin in 2014.
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Research for Free Flowing Rivers

The River Intellectuals bring together young committed people from science and conservation for river conservation in the Balkans. Bonus: behind-the-sciences video about IGB research on the Vjosa. Roll it!
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Living Water

Researchers from 20 German scientific institutions have presented a joint research agenda on the biological diversity of inland and coastal waters.

Statement on the IPBES-Report

On 6 May 2019, the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) published a summary for decision-makers on the IPBES-Report. IGB researcher Sonja Jähnig gives a statement.
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Threatened sturgeon learns for the fitness

Sturgeon training can increase their fitness for the wild. Already a two-week "learning lead" made the search for food more efficient, says a recent study of Sven Würtz and Jörn Gessner.
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New fish species

Researchers of IGB and ZFMK have revised 30 species of the genus Cobitis and discovered eight new species in Turkey. Two of them are already considered extinct.

Not just „microbial dark matter“ anymore

Hardly any group of organisms on our planet has been researched as little as lentic fungi. IGB scientist Hans-Peter Grossart collected ten fascinating facts about these organisms.
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Newcomers play cryptic

Invasive species often go undetected for a long time, or their damaging impacts are not immediately clear says a new study under participation of IGB. 

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