Connecting Biodiversity Knowledge with Decision Making

Kick-off meeting of the project. | Photo taken by Pensoft Publishers

BioAgora is a collaborative European project with the aim to develop the Science Service for Biodiversity’s governance structure. The partners analyze and describe demonstration cases across EU Member States and disciplines to spark the implementation of biodiversity commitments as planned in the EU’s Biodiversity Strategy for 2030. To achieve this aim BioAgora, analyses the existing landscape of science-policy interfaces assessing the policy tools and the current status of biodiversity knowledge in Europe.

BioAgora will design tailored pathways on how to better orchestrate science-policy interactions to support the Biodiversity Strategy for 2030. The project will empower the EU community of decision-makers and knowledge providers by capacity building and transformative change for biodiversity. Project partners will actively engage with a broad range of actors such as policymakers, scientists, businesses, and citizens.

Short Profile


(Dept. 2) Community and Ecosystem Ecology
Research Domain
Aquatic Biodiversity in the Anthropocene
Coordinator at IGB
Project staff
Funded by

European Research Executive Agency (REA) 

Contact person

Sonja Jähnig

Head of Department
Research group
Aquatic Ecogeography

Sibylle Schroer

Scientific Coordinator Sustainability Research
Research group
Light Pollution and Ecophysiology

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