The R-package hydrographr

Linking spatial freshwater biodiversity and Earth system sciences

Freshwater ecosystems are characterized by the unique feature of the longitudinal, i.e. the up- and downstream connectivity among water bodies. Yet, this connectivity is largely neglected during spatial water quality or biodiversity analyses given the complex geospatial processing steps. In this incubator project we aim to lower this burden for potential users by offering easy-to-use tools. We create the hydrographr R-package that combines the freshwater dimensions of NFDI4Earth and NFDI4Biodiversity to help users to (i) perform freshwater-related connectivity analyses, (ii) annotate existing point data along the network with spatial connectivity and environmental attributes, to (iii) obtain analysis-ready data for subsequent applications. Focusing on open-source language integration and scalability, hydrographr will provide an essential building block to account for the connectivity in spatial freshwater-specific applications.

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(Dept. 2) Community and Ecosystem Ecology
Research Domain
Aquatic Biodiversity in the Anthropocene
Dimensions of Complexity of Aquatic Systems
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Jörg Seegert, Peter Krebs (TU Dresden)
Christoph Schürz (UFZ)
Giuseppe Amatulli (Yale University)

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Sami Domisch

Research Group Leader
Research group
Global Freshwater Biodiversity, Biogeography and Conservation

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