Jürgen F. H. Strassert

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+49 (0)30 83 85 99 56

Königin-Luise-Str. 2–4, 14195 Berlin / Müggelseedamm 301, 12587 Berlin


I am interested in the symbiotic relationships that exist between diverse eukaryotic microorganisms (aka protists), between protists and animals, and between protists and prokaryotes up to the derivation of cell organelles. By combining lab techniques with phylogenomics (eToL project), I study the origin and specificity of these relationships up to cospeciation events. I further use comparative genomics to investigate the molecular prerequisites for these associations and study underexamined species to discover new biological processes and their ecological implications.

  • since Nov. 2020: Principal Investigator; Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Germany
  • 2019–2020: Researcher; Free University of Berlin, Germany
  • 2016–2018: Researcher; Uppsala University, Sweden
  • 2014–2016: Postdoctoral Fellow; University of British Columbia, Canada
  • 2011–2013: Postdoctoral Fellow; Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, Germany
  • 2010: PhD; Free University of Berlin, Germany


Mitgliedschaften in wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaften

  • International Society of Protistologists
  • Federation of European Protistological Societies
  • German Society for Protozoology







Dezember 2021
Kerstin Voigt; Timothy Y. James; Paul M. Kirk; André L. C. M. de A. Santiago; Bruce Waldman; Gareth W. Griffith; Minjie Fu; Renate Radek; Jürgen F. H. Strassert; Christian Wurzbacher; Gustavo Henrique Jerônimo; David R. Simmons; Kensuke Seto; Eleni Gentekaki; Vedprakash G. Hurdeal; Kevin D. Hyde; Thuong T. T. Nguyen; Hyang Burm Lee
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